Who We Are

Based in Bali, SkyZip Engineering specializes in the design, construction and management of ziplines (flying foxes) and eco-adventure parks.

All our treetop adventure parks are designed and built following European Standard EN 15567-1, a globally recognized safety standard developed in the EU.

SkyZip Engineering’s experienced team includes: one consultant designer, one engineer, one construction manager, two supervising carpenters and 15 climbers specializing in work at heights with wire ropes.

It typically takes between 2 and 5 months to design and build a treetop adventure park. The precise duration depends on the number of circuits and challenges and the location.

What is a Treetop Adventure Park?

Treetop Adventure Parks are an original new way to discover the forest environment. Treetop Adventure Parks allow you to venture from one tree to another via a series of suspended bridges, nets, walkways, barrels, tarzan jumps, ziplines and other fun challenges. A Treetop Adventure Park is composed of 4 to 12 circuits, and each circuit venture from tree to tree at the height of 2 to 20 meters.

Each circuit is customized and original and includes 8 to 16 challenges between the trees. Adventure circuits are designed with graded difficulty levels, so participants can progress safely, at their own rhythm regardless of skill.

Treetop Adventure Parks are accessible to all whatever their level of agility or experience.With different circuits, everyone can find the right circuits for his level and age, or even try the more challenging circuits. Treetop Adventure Parks receive clients from 4 years old to over 70!

Why such a success all over the World?

  • Because it is a New, Fun and Safe activity in the Nature,
  • Because everyone can realize his/her childhood’s dream: Climb up in the trees
  • Because all Treetop Adventure Parks over the world have proven a 100% security
  • Because it is a great activity for groups and family: It is as fun to venture up in the trees than to see your friends or family doing it.

For the investor

  • Large potential market
  • Unrivaled customer satisfaction
  • Low capital investment with fast R.O.I.

July 1995,
in the French Alps:
Creation of the first Treetop Adventure Park.

By year 2000:
Already 45 Treetop Adventure Parks in France.

By year 2005:
More than 350 Treetop Adventure Parks in France, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada.

By year 2006:
First 3 Treetop Adventure Parks in Asia- Pacific: in New-Zealand, Australia and Bali!

By year 2010:
Parks in USA, China, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia.