Feasibility and Technical Study

A basic pre-study can be done without SkyZip engineers visiting the site. The main goal of this pre-study is to get a general idea of what is possible and advisable to build on the site. Our consultants require:

  • General photos of the site
  • A general map of the site
  • Photos of the trees (and species details, if known)
  • Average diameters of trees (measured 1.5m from the ground)
  • Average distance from one tree to another
  • Basic information on the ground inclination and slopes
  • Target market (tourists, corporate groups, children, families…)
  • Background on the region (tourism activity, proximity to large towns, prices of similar activities in the area…)

The full feasibility study begins when SkyZip engineers visit the site. Engineers measure and map all trees, while an expert botanist assesses the trees’ species, health and maturity. The survey report includes:

  • A list, with details, of all treetop circuits that can be installed on the site
  • A list of all recommended challenges
  • Details on the recommended belay systems for adults' and children's circuits
  • Prices of each option
  • Construction timeline

A full technical study is completed before construction begins to guarantee that the park will comply with international standards. This includes:

  • Calculation of stresses in all parts and trees
  • Choice of installation system
  • Choice of material
  • Complete bill of materials

Manufacture and Purchase of Parts and Equipments

In order to offer the most competitive prices to our clients, SkyZip Engineering selects between locally purchased and imported materials on the basis of quality and price. Some parts are produced in our Bali workshop. All safety equipment is imported from Europe.

On-Site Construction

  • Construction of the platforms on the trees (Bangkirai wood or equivalent, galvanized nuts and bolts, polyurethane varnish). All platforms are held in place using a compression system to protect trees from any damage.
  • Construction of the challenges (Bangkirai wood or equivalent, 6*19 Seale IWRC wire rope (diameter 10mm and 12.5mm), braided nylon or PP rope and nets). Protective half-logs are used to prevent cables from cutting into trees and avoid tree trunk degradation.
  • Installation of the belay system
  • Testing of all challenges
  • Verification that all challenges comply with European Standards EN 15567-1.

Delivery of Equipments

SkyZip Engineering only provides the best professional brands such as Petzl (Fr.), Bornack (Ger.), Kanopeo (Swi.) and Beal (Fr.).

The number of safety harness sets required depends on the number of challenges and on the target markets. Small parks can commence operation with 50 sets, while larger parks require at least 120 sets to open to the public. Additional sets can be purchased later when the number of guests increases.

Training of Local Staff (Patrol Guides)

SkyZip Engineering will train the local Patrol Guides Team. The key points of the training are:

  • Understanding the treetop adventure park concept (rules, names of challenges, construction, circuit procedures).
  • Methods and procedures for the daily operation of a treetop adventure park (distribution of harness, demonstration circuits, daily checks).
  • General knowledge of ropes and knots.
  • Training for rescuers.

Operation Procedures and Documentation

SkyZip Engineering provides documents and procedures for the operation of the treetop park in compliance with standard EN 15567-2. Areas covered include:

  • Distribution and monitoring of customer equipment.
  • Daily checklists (before opening, during operation and after closing).
  • Quarterly inspections.
  • Booking list and capacity management.
  • Ticketing and sales reporting.
  • Staff organization.
  • Incidents and risks reporting, analysis and control.


In addition SkyZip Engineering can provide quotations for:

  • Construction of treehouses.
  • Construction of a wood cabin (sales counter and equipment store).
  • Landscaping (e.g paved walkways on the ground under the trees).
  • Consulting for Marketing (design of brochures, creation of sales kit).

Overseeing Certification with European Standards EN 15567-1

In some cases a client may wish to be certified as compliant with European Standards EN 15567-1. Upon request, an accredited independent controller is called to the site. This third party controller inspects the construction and delivers the certification of compliance.