Low Operating Cost

SkyZip Engineering helps you prepare your operating budget. The main costs to take into account are:

  • Staff Salaries
      The number of staff required depends on:
    • The number of circuits and challenges in the park.
    • The park layout: are the challenges spread far apart, or are all circuits and challenges visible from the starting point?
    • The type of challenges (hard challenges such as the Tarzan Jump require more staff).
    • The type of belay (link between adventurer and cables) chosen for children's and adults' circuits.
      The minimum number of staff for a treetop park with 6 circuits and 65 challenges in a condensed area is:
    • One cashier
    • Two instructors to fit the harness and assist at the demonstration circuit
    • Three or four instructors on the circuits
  • Land costs
  • Marketing, promotion and advertising costs
  • Insurance
  • Annual inspection and maintenance cost
  • Equipment costs

Where Can I Build a Treetop Adventure Park?

SkyZip Engineering can design and build zipline circuits and aerial adventure challenges in environments from shopping malls to water parks. For a classical treetop adventure park, however, the land requirements are:

  • 1 to 5 hectares of woodland
  • Trees with a diameter of 32 to 80 cm
  • Easy road access and available parking space
  • Toilet facilities (or permission to install these)
  • Electricity (or the possibility of installing this)
  • Space for a cabin to serve as a sales counter and equipment store

How Many Customers Can Visit a Treetop Adventure Park?

A typical park covers 1 to 5 hectares of woodland and includes 4 to 10 circuits, with between 40 and 120 challenges. A typical layout is shown below. Depending on the scale of your park, you will have capacity for:

  • 60 to 220 customers simultaneously
  • 200 to 800 customers per day


An expert botanist will check all trees and qualify their use in a Treetop Adventure Park.

(Tree without supporting cables - Shroud)

    Precise Calculation has to be done for each tree and depends on:
  • the position of the cable (height, angles)
  • species and shape of the tree
  • use of shrouds

Types of Challenges

What Belay System Should I Use?

The belay system is what secures your customers to the circuits. Your choice of belay system will affect the investment cost, the operating costs, the capacity and the safety standards of your treetop park.

    SkyZip Engineering will help you select from the following recommended belay systems:
  • Self belay with carabiners
  • Continuous safety line
  • Safety nets
  • Permanent carabiners
  • Continuous integrated systems