What are The Potensial Market?

The customers that can be targeted by a Treetop Adventure Park depend of its location:

    Proximity to a large town facilitates:
  • Corporate groups (Outing, Team Building, Special Events)
  • Families on week-ends and public holiday
  • Schools
    Tourist or recreational location:
  • Families on holidays
  • International or local tourist groups
  • Children groups on holiday camps


    Activity in a Treetop Park reaches the following Educational targets:
  • Development of coordination to overcome new situations
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Acceptation and respect of safety rules
  • Consciousness of one’s own limits
  • Respect of the natural environment


With circuits customized for all ages and levels, Treetop Adventure Parks are an unrivaled leisure activity for Families. Everyone in the family can enjoy it together, from the youngest (over 4 years old) to the most daring teenagers and their parents or grandparents. Families also appreciate Treetop Adventure Parks to organize special events such as birthday parties.


Tourists are always in search of new activities during their holidays. Deals with Travel Agents allow Treetop Adventure Parks to receive large numbers of individual tourists or groups.

The Essence of Success


  • Strict respect of European Standards EN 15567-1 (Construction) and EN 15567-2 (Exploitation).
  • Thorough staff training.
  • Regular maintenance.


  • First treetop adventure park in your area.
  • Long ziplines (flying foxes).
  • Novelties such as treehouses.
  • Outstanding challenges such as Tarzan jumps.

Fun For All Ages

  • Circuits for every age and level, from simple, low circuits for children from 4 to 8 years old, to extreme, very high circuit for teenagers and adults.
  • Attractive to participants and spectators.
  • Enough variety to drive repeat business.


  • No nails in the trees.
  • No contact between any metallic parts and the trees.


  • Circuits and challenges tailored to avoid delays, queues and waits.

A Business Tailored to Your Market

From the start of the project, Skyzip Engineering focuses on your commercial success. Our consultants help you evaluate your needs according to your location, target market and business plan.

Are you building in a forest, a theme park, a golf course, a shopping mall or a tourist resort? Do you hope to attract corporate groups, families, tourists or repeat visitors?

The perfect structure for your business will depend on all these factors.

With years of experience designing, constructing and maintaining treetop adventure parks, our design engineers create bespoke technical solutions to build a park that fits your business goals.